There are words that qualify as interesting because, to translate them, it requires a phrase rather than just the equivalent word in the destination-language.  Then there are words, such as the Kirundi word “kujijuka”, which is, in the first-person plural of the verb — “tujijuka,” the name chosen by a group of women living with HIV/AIDS in Gitega, many of whom faced considerable stigmatization in openly admitting they were HIV positive.

“Kujijuke” means…hmm, it means when you are courageous in the sense of being willing to ignore the negative things people say about you by, for example, openly admitting that you are HIV+, or illiterate, etc.  It means to be awakened, to pass through difficulty into the light.

I like that it seems to have a whole process wrapped up in it, the progression of coming to realize that people’s stereotypes, stigmas, etc. are not really worth being bothered by, and being willing to stand out in the open, come what may. Now if we just had a better way of saying that in English…